Litmus Hair Boutique
         est 2004
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Husband and Wife Tamsin and Simon own a family friendly salon in the centre of Truro. A far cry from there first venture a small two chair salon within a hotel in Newquay. In 2014 Litmus was resurrected when they purchased another hair salon, soon this grew. It Was time to take the plunge and enlarge After relocation the focus became keeping our welcoming quirkiness without getting lost in the new space. Simply we nailed it.

Book now and find out how fun your hair can be check out our insta feed for ideas and realistic open pricing. You can phone the salon (01872242080) book online (linkButton) . 


There is an I in LiTMUS and its you.

a quirky salon with a fully inclusive, non judgmental attitude, basically its about you and your hair.